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Giselle Capdevila

Latina Beauty Queen 2012

Ariana Varela

Asia Beauty Queen 2012
















Welcome my fellow Beauty Queens!
I want to extend an invitation to come to Las Vegas and participate in our many Beauty Queen contests and TV shows!

Now that the majority of the world's most popular beauty contests are held in Las Vegas it makes sense that a Beauty Academy would be established here someday.

That day is arriving soon. The Beauty Queen Academy, starting in 2015 will be specializing in training students from overseas who are seeking acting, singing and dancing lessons while living in the United States and actively pursuing careers in television, film and theatre.

We have found that Las Vegas is an ideal location for an acting and beauty queen academy.

Please contact us if you think you have the qualifications to attend our Beauty Queen Academy or you wish to attend one of the popular Beauty Contests in Las Vegas - the Capital of Beauty Pageants from around the World!





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Kathryn Stone
American Beauty Queen 2012